Product Code: 0118Fine Mesh Banners

For whatever purpose you require we can make any surface your personal advertising space. We create and custom print banners of any size or shape, including large format mesh designs for use on building sites under construction. Custom banners mean that your message can literally be shouted from the rooftops!

All of our banners are printed in solvent inks, which are rain and UV resistant and suitable for external use for 3-5 years. Banners are delivered trimmed, edged and eye-letted, ready for you to use almost anywhere.

•Predominantly used for large format banners being used in external locations, allowing for high levels of wind permeation. Fine Mesh Banners are of a higher quality than the standard Mesh Banner with increased colour quality.

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Online Price £15 per m2


Instructions on how to send Syne Graphics any artwork will be provided in your confirmation email after payment.

    Total: £52.45

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